VermoHub - IoT platform

We provide a platform for managing IoT devices, process data, produce equipment, ensure data security and integrate it with existing systems

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Why VermoHub?

Everything you need to quickly implement IoT solutions

  • Platform to manage your devices
  • Secure data exchange with x509 certificates
  • Data processing
  • If you need equipment - we produce a universal device whose model and sensors you can freely change and modify
  • If you have your own equipment, we will provide firmware that will expand its capabilities
  • By default, we do not store your data, you have full control over it. We can redirect all data to your storage
  • Optionally, we will store your data for you, you can specify the geographical location of the data.
  • Our programmers will help you create any application and integrate with other systems
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VermoPlatform is an online platform for managing all your devices and financial data

  • The VermoPlatform allows you to centrally manage all your VermoDevice devices
  • Provides safe storage of current invoices and settlements
  • Offers advanced data processing and routing features, allowing you to send all your data to your storage
  • LWM2M protocol support
  • MQTT protocol support
  • COAP protocol support
  • HTTPS protocol support
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Our devices work in always-connected mode, i.e. the devices communicate with the VermoPlatform cloud immediately after turning on the power.

  • Data transmission around the world without additional roaming agreements
  • LTE/LTE-M/NB-IOT mobile transmission technologies
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VermoDevice is a technologically advanced device that combines the functions of a minicomputer with an operating system based on the Linux operating system. Don’t want to buy equipment? Do you want to check our platform without incurring the costs of purchasing IoT devices? We offer rental of our devices at attractive prices, both for pilot projects and long-term purposes.

  • Possibility to connect any sensor or any device generating data, e.g. thermometers, reed switches, microphones, vibration sensors and many others
  • Built-in satellite location module
  • Independence from the mains power supply achieved by the option of power supply from renewable sources (battery buffer and solar panels, wind generators)
  • The device operates in continuous connection mode, which ensures constant readiness to send data.
  • The device is ready to immediately collect data after the first start - Plug & Play technology ensures easy and quick configuration.
  • LWM2M protocol support
  • MQTT protocol support
  • COAP support
  • HTTPS support
  • VermoDevice rental possible